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What We Do

We believe in automating the process of continuous decision making and intelligence generation.

Hands-on involvement with leading-edge technologies ensures that we stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly pushed to enhance the latest and the most sophisticated of technologies. We get to dive straight into interesting challenges and do something different every day.

Recent Works


LerGO is a non-profit open source EdTech venture dedicated to self education and reducing the social gap. Our goal is to provide every child with free access to high quality and interactive online lessons. This can be made possible via LerGO’s cloud platform that can harness the goodwill of the community, enabling it to easily create educational content. To create or play lessons: www.lergo.org.



Teamcenter can help you manage and execute the many processes required to get the right products to market at the right time. You can effectively coordinate people and the information they need to make the right decisions and get their jobs done. From planning project timing and coordinating cross-functional programs to the actual execution of tasks – everyone throughout the product lifecycle has what they need to get their work done efficiently.


Photon is the Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform UI client. Photon is what's know as a fat client, meaning it is a standalone native executable as opposed to a thin client, which is typically made available via a web browser.


PowerCenter Express is Informatica’s market-leading data integration (ETL Tool) and in-line data profiling right-sized for smaller projects. PowerCenter Express offers unparalleled ease-of-use in an ETL tool with a no-coding graphical user interface


Rahul is a very hard working, dedicated, clever, fast learner developer and a self learner who sees the big picture. He is also flexible, "rosh gadol" and enjoys learning new technologies and keeping up to date with current technology stacks and trends. It's a real pleasure working with him.

-Nava Levy/ Director of lerGo.org

I have worked for almost 2 years with Rahul at Siemens. He has a passion for java and for eclipse rich client platform development. He has good debugging skills. When faced with problem resolution, he focuses on the root cause rather than superficial workarounds. He has the attitude to get things done and has supported the team in times of need.

-Zoher Surka/ Senior Member of Technical Staff at TIBCO Software Inc.